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Welcome to our exclusive web-page featuring the StrapPro steel/poly strapping dispenser/cart We will showcase the many benefits, and dimensional advantages the StrapPro has when compared to the most popular competitor.

Our professional pictures clearly show that the StrapPro shown alongside the other popular cart is much tougher built with heavy duty side/back braces to better withstand the rigors of both indoor and outdoor use, larger front foot for more stability on uneven surfaces, a much larger tool tray to hold the sealless steel and battery poly tools.

And an array of tires choices for you, the user, to customize your cart to your specific environment. We use the same heavy duty body, you simply tell us what set of tires to install.

The StrapPro is shipped within 1-2 days from date of order from our Midwest stocking warehouses.

Eight carts per pallet and shipped LTL. Please indicate the final destination zip-code and we will quote freight charges along with quantity discounts.

Dimensional Features

  StrapPro Competitor
Weight Only 57.86 lbs 52.6 lbs StrapPro is 10% heavier units
Height 2" higher  
Axle Diameter .625" .50" StrapPro has 20% axle
Tool Tray The STRAPro tool tray is 16 inches by 9 and 6.5 inches deep to hold battery operated poly tools  

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The Strapping Machine for Ease & Durability

The STRAPro strapping machine delivers much more than steel, polypropylene or plastic strapping. With every STRAPro, you get higher quality, easier dispensing, better maneuverability, unmatched stability and longer durability, all at a cost that is a third less than comparable strapping dispensers.

The Best Strapping Dispenser for the Money. Period.

The STRAPro gives you more of everything at a lower cost. You'll be able to strap products safely, securely and effectively with 16x3 and 16x6 poly/steel coils, polypropylene or plastic strapping up to ¾ of an inch wide. In the bargain, you'll gain superior stability and dispensing for any indoor or outdoor strapping application and a strapping machine that will last and perform dependably for years.

Dare to Compare.

Side by side, the STRAPro outshines competitors' strapping machines that cost about the same. For a real comparison, you have to look at strapping or banding equipment that costs up to $200 more. Even then, STRAPro's quality and durability win out.



Competitors' Top-End

Heavy-Duty Construction
– STRAPro weighs 57.86 pounds, so it's a more stable and longer lasting strapping machine.

heavy-duty construction

Not-So-Heavy-Duty –
52.61-pound cart.

normal construction

Reinforced Strength
– STRAPro's reinforcing rods are welded to both sides of the strapping dispenser to increase strength and durability.

reinforced frame

No Reinforcements
– Overall strength and durability are questionable.

reinforced frame

Large Tool Tray
–The STRAPro tool tray is 16 inches by 9 and 6.5 inches deep. With 4% more volume, the STRAPro tray safely and securely handles today's bigger, more technologically advanced tools. And, since our tray is formed with 5% thicker material, it will last and last.

Tool Tray

Smaller Tray
– The tools you need don't all fit.

Tool Tray

Thick Axles – STRAPro's wheels are 20 inches apart, giving you nearly 10% more stability. They are supported by 0.625-inch axles that are stronger and last longer.

wheel axel

Thin Axles
– 0.5-inch axles that won't stand up to extended wear and tear.

wheel axel

Larger Front Foot
– At 14.5 inches back to front, the STRAPro's front-foot brace extends a full inch farther than the competition. With 8% more extension, it provides added support and stability on uneven surfaces.


Smaller Front Foo
t – Smaller by 8%.


Four Wheel Choices
– With 8-inch air, 10-inch air, 8-inch solid and 10-inch solid wheels, you'll have the ideal set-up for maximum stability and smoother dispensing in any environment.


No Wheel Choices
– One size only.



Strapping Superiority Anywhere.

Global Strapping customizes all orders to meet your specific needs and we ship anywhere in the United States within two days.
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Let's Get Strapping!

STRAPro is a strapping machine with a low cost that won't strap your business down. Order online today!

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Braced Construction


Long-lasting quality and stability are welded right in.

Larger Tool Box


Keep everything you need close at hand.

Tire Versatility


Choose the ideal tires for your application.